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Slots Pharaoh’s Gold II

Egyptian pharaohs, their tombs and the secrets of Egypt, for a long time give no rest to scholars and seekers of antiquity. If you believe the legends and stories of the spirits of Egypt, more than once the spirits still manifest themselves. And it is unclear in what format and what possible consequences can be. Such an interesting topic could not arouse interest among the programmers of Novomatic. As a result of her interest in Egypt, pharaoh materializes in a slot machine
Gold II.

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Play Pharaoh’s Gold II without registration, as well as in other slot machines. Also in the slot of Pharaoh Gold II can play for free. Free online slots simulator – a true discovery of the digital age.

The Slote Pharaohs Gold II without registration

The gold of the Pharaoh II automatic standard has five reels and nine lines with payments. On a line, you can have 1-100 credits. In total, there will be up to nine loans, which you can get pretty decent price. In symbols we can see the scarab, pharaoh mask, a cat and much more. Wild symbol, the game is a pharaoh mask, as the scatter symbol Eye of Horus acts. In addition, the machine has a bonus game that can give you an interest rate increase if you try your luck.

  • Tromeln 5
  • Lines 9
  • Jackpot: 900000
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • the scatter symbol: yes
  • Wild multiplier: yes
  • Bonus rounds: no
  • Auto playback: yes

Imagine what a single chip to get – 5000 chips! If on your way to meet the symbol “Pharaoh”, it will replace all missing symbols on the winning combination and double your winnings. Pharaohs play money riskier and therefore more interesting. The ability to eat more agreeably tickles your nerves and exercise in free mode will only have a great evening to have. Why are you looking for a suitable game club anywhere in the city when such a club on your home computer.

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For this you need to memorize simple rules of the game. Also there is such a possibility that you can get real money if you become successful professional in this game! Everything depends on you!